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New Lens Technology Enhances Near and Distance Sight for People with Cataracts
& “Over 40” Vision, called Presbyopia

Millions of Baby Boomers have more in common than just nostalgia for the 1960s when the Beach Boys and the Beatles were popular, Tie-Dye T-shirts were in style and VW buses were new. They're also the largest generation of Americans to reach the magic age of 40 and find their near vision is failing while also experiencing a clouding of their vision due to cataracts. For the first time, they may need reading glasses, bifocals or progressive lenses to see clearly. Presbyopia is the name of that dreaded condition, which is simply a matter of the aging of the eye - a situation where both the lens and the muscles of the eye become less flexible. Unfortunately, it usually happens to everyone at some point. An estimated 90 million Americans either have presbyopia or will have it by 2014.  

A cataract is a 'clouding' of the lens in your eye. The lens, located just behind the iris, or the colored part of your eye, works like the lens of a camera. A cataract can be the reason sharp images become blurred, or seeing things at night is more difficult. It may also be why the eyeglasses or contact lenses that used to help you read, or do other simple tasks, no longer seem to help.

But if you don't relish the prospect of wearing corrective eyewear, or if you already have reading glasses and find it annoying when you can't find them to read the paper, or frustrated when you realize you forgot them at home, there is a solution.

The recently FDA-approved AcrySof ReSTOR intraocular lens is a landmark vision care technology for people with cataracts and presbyopia that may restore the eyesight of youth.

What is unique about ReSTOR? The lens has the ability to consistently offer patients improved vision at a range of distances, from close-up to middle and far. Because ReSTOR doesn't work with the muscles of the eye, it is not dependent on a mechanical process or the movement of the lens to give clear vision.

Instead, ReSTOR lenses use a technique called apodized diffractive technology. A unique proprietary lens configuration allows a specific distribution of light in response to how wide or small the pupil of the eye is at that moment. The optical design of the lens distributes light between near vision and distant vision to accommodate vision at a range of distances.

With ReSTOR, patients can enjoy activities like reading, sewing, playing cards or looking at the fine print, all without the hassle of reading glasses, bifocals, progressive lenses or contact lenses.

"I have been wearing glasses since I can remember. I had no idea that I could go from legally blind to 20/20. It's a miracle! I experienced no pain before or after surgery and the 2nd day after surgery, everything was so bright. Dr. Garcia has the greatest bedside manner and his staff were wonderful, as well."
T. S.

"My husband always said, Dr. Garcia has hands of gold. From his statement, I wouldn't go anywhere else for my eye surgery but to Omni Eye Specialists. I have a great deal of faith in Dr. Garcia and his staff. The ReStor lens makes me feel rejuvenated and young again. I was able to read the newspaper two days after surgery and I can actually see how to put on my eye make-up."
E. L.

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